What’s the difference between Swedish, Thai and Japanese massage? Which is right for me?

  • Swedish massage– derived from a European culture Swedish massage focuses on the physiology and anatomy of the body and therefore tends to be a firmer and more invigorating massage getting deep in to the muscle tissue.
  • Thai massage – improves flexibility and increases energy levels using stretching and compressions.
  • Japanese massage–derived from an Asian culture Japanese massage works on the ‘meridian’ or Sen lines to improve the flow of sensual energy around the body.

Each of these massages is available at our massage parlour in Aldershot. Find more information about our massages and other treatments that we offer to ensure you’re getting the right service for you.


How much should I pay for a massage?

Massages can vary in price amongst different massage parlours. Many people can overcharge as the customer doesn’t know otherwise. At Elements, we ensure you’re getting the most out of your money, high-quality, professional massages for an affordable price. See our price list for our Aldershot massage parlour and save money now!

Can you get a massage whilst pregnant?

Of course, a massage is perfectly safe whilst pregnant. Any professional masseuse has the knowledge of how to adjust to the needs of a pregnant client and ensure their comfort throughout. However, due to the very nature of the body’s changing shape during pregnancy massage beds are not the most appropriate for a pregnant women.

How do I prolong the benefits of a Swedish massage? 

It’s important that you keep hydrated before and after the massage to increase the effects. A warm bath can also help to maintain the relaxed state of your muscles.

Will I be in pain?

A massage should never be painful as it will always be tailored to a client’s specific requirements. Pressure can be increased or decreased based on your preference. Simply let your masseuse know at the start of your massage your preference and even during your massage and alert them if you are ever outside of your pain threshold. Overall, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or like your body isn’t responding well to the massage. A good massage works with your body, not against it.

What should I wear?

Again, you are in control and it is whatever you feel comfortable with. Mostclients prefer to be totally naked allowing the masseuse to move around their body unencumbered  whilst others prefer undress to their underwear. In a traditional Thai massages the client can often be fully clothed if they wish. Whatever your choice you will be allowed to undress privately and ensure you’re completely comfortable at all times. You can call our massage parlour in Aldershot to discuss what you find comfortable if you wish.

Should I shave for a body scrub massage?

If you’ve booked a body scrub massage then you should avoid shaving on the day of the appointment as they can irritate the skin.

Do I need to be flexible?

That’s no problem;the stretches in a massage can actually be a great way to gain some flexibility no matter how stiff you are.

What happens if I fall asleep?

It’s okay, this is quite a common occurrence during a relaxing massage, and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. Many masseuses take it as a compliment as it shows ultimate relaxation.

Why do I need to drink water after?

We always recommend keeping hydrated before and after a massage. This is to ensure you are flushing out the toxins that your body has released during the massage. You can also feel dehydrated as oxygen is being delivered to the muscles faster; drinking water helps to reduce this effect.

We hope we have answered any potential worries you have and made you feel more comfortable in preparing for your next massage. If you need any more information don’t hesitate to fill in our online enquiry form for a prompt response. Alternatively you can make a booking by texting us on 07557 302885 and request a time and which massage parlour you would like to visit, or call the shop directly on:

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