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Enjoy a Japanese-style sensual massage in Aldershot
Our Aldershot massage parlour is designed to be a warm and welcoming retreat, where one of our friendly and beautiful receptionists will take you through everything you can expect from your sensual Japanese massage and answer any questions you may have. You’ll then be shown to one of our luxurious shower rooms in order to prepare yourself for the delights that await you during your sensual massage.

All the rooms at Elements Massage will help you to achieve the best state of mind in order to make the most of your sensual Japanese massage, as well as ensuring your comfort. All you’ll need to do once you’re in your room is to lie back and let go of your tension as one of our beautiful Asian masseuses works out the block of negative energy, allowing your Meridian to flow freely.

All our masseuses have been trained in Asia to the highest levels, and have a skilful knowledge and experience of the human body and the properties of various essential oils. We value your satisfaction over anything else, and you should feel free to ask your masseuse to alter their work to ensure you feel the release and relaxation you’re after.

Japanese massage in Aldershot that’ll reawaken your senses
After your sensual massage is over, you will be given a few minutes to be alone with your thoughts and brought a cold drink to refresh and revitalise you. Our sensual Japanese massagehas been designed for a gentle experience to help you feel indulged and relaxed, setting you up for a great day ahead.

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